2018 March epsucob@NEWS 06

Issue 6, March 2018

  • Denmark: Widespread support for unions facing lockout
  • UK: Unions consult on NHS pay offer
  • Germany: Warning strikes planned in public sector negotiations
  • Spain: Unions sign deal to restore pay and conditions
  • France: Another massive mobilisation in eldercare
  • Romania: Health union protests over pay and bonuses
  • Russia: Average pay in health increases above inflation
  • Sweden: Union sets out proposals on eldercare staffing
  • Switzerland: Union attacks government rejection of care initiative
  • Ireland: Unions secure talks on entry-level pay
  • Netherlands: Ambulance negotiations to focus on staffing
  • Europe: EPSU conference on quality employment
  • Germany: Actions in health and energy deliver pay increases
  • Europe: Benchmarking study shows wage and bargaining trends