2018 June epsucob@NEWS 13

In this issue

  • Netherlands: 7% over two and a half years for civil servants
  • Hungary: Culture workers' protest highlights need for pay increase
  • Croatia: Childcare workers mobilise over pension age increase
  • Bulgaria: Water workers get new two-year agreement
  • Kosovo: Unions challenge government on proposed pay system
  • Ukraine: Confederation calls for urgent action on minimum wage
  • UK: Civil service unions reject government's pay guidance
  • Germany: Court confirms strike ban for civil servants
  • Ireland: Municipal workers plan series of strikes over flexible working
  • Belgium: Prison unions protest over threat to right to strike
  • Spain: Unions mobilise over fair pay and conditions across public administration
  • France: Union mobilises against energy network companies
  • Portugal: Nurses' union continues campaign on 35-hour week
  • Netherlands: Childcare workers get 5.25% increase over two years