Digitalisation in home care and public employment services


While digitalisation has helped with time management in home care services and with removing routine tasks for public employment service workers, the evidence so far points to many more negative impacts in terms of psycho-social risks, physical wellbeing and increased management monitoring. These are initial findings from research being carried out for EPSU by the OSE research organisation and presented to EPSU's Quality Employment conference by Ramon Peña-Casas. The focus of the research is on the impact of digitalisation on job content, looking at work organisation, workloads and a range of other elements such as pace of work, routine tasks etc. Using questionnaires and focus groups the OSE has gathered information from workers in the two sectors in France, Italy, Spain and the UK that highlights some of the key issues that need to be addressed by unions, not least health and safety but also continuing training and regulation of the digitalisation process through social dialogue and collective bargaining.