2018 August epsucob@NEWS 17


  • Germany: Union hopes mediation will deliver agreement on workloads
  • France: Impact of pay freezes on public sector pay
  • Norway: More workers take action against care company
  • Austria: Union wants to see early negotiations and a pay rise for all public sector workers
  • Europe: Trade union rep gets reinstated at Patent Office
  • Netherlands: Health and youth care workers take action
  • UK: Home care workers strike over threat to jobs and hours
  • Italy: Health unions call for urgent action on medical staffing
  • Latvia: Health union tackles ambulance restructuring problems
  • Czech Republic: Health union issues strike alert
  • Greece: Union confederation plans anti-austerity rally on 8 September
  • Sweden: Union celebrates success in influencing pre-school curriculum
  • Ukraine: Unions resist attacks on rights and attempts to seize property