2018 April epsucob@NEWS 07

Issue 7, April 2018

  • Denmark: Over 10000 worker reps join mass meeting
  • France: Unions plan further action against civil service reforms
  • Germany: 70000 take part in warning strikes
  • Czech Republic: Unions to discuss shorter working time
  • Austria: Prison union wins commitment to more jobs
  • Italy: Union calls for action over prison violence
  • Spain: Ministry of Justice workers mobilise
  • France/UK: Waste workers protest over pay, safety and surveillance
  • Portugal: Water workers protest over pay and hours
  • Netherlands: Unions back manifesto on mental health
  • Norway: Municipal unions commit to action on full-time work
  • UK: Civil service union campaigns for 5% pay increase
  • Europe: ETUC celebrates apprenticeship success
  • Europe: Collective bargaining news from around Europe