Unions mobilise over pay, jobs and lost rights


The public service federations of the CCOO and UGT confederations organised a joint mobilisation of public administration workers on 29 November as part of their campaign for increased pay, more jobs and a return of rights lost during austerity. This followed a public-sector wide demonstration on 24 November with plans for further action on 14 December. The unions argue that services are under threat as 14% of jobs have been cut and reduced recruitment has created an ageing workforce where half are over 50. Since the 5% pay cut in 2010 there has been only a single pay increase of 1% while inflation has risen by 8% over the period. The unions want to see the restoration of other payments and entitlements that have been lost. Earlier on 29 November, the EPSU Executive Committee passed a resolution expressing its support for the unions along with affiliates in France, Italy and Portugal who are facing similar challenges.