25% pay increase for health workers

Health workers are set to see their wages double over the next two years as a series of pay increases have been agreed with the government. The Sanitas trade union has been campaigning for pay increases for some time as one of the key measures to tackle the recruitment crisis in the sector. After lengthy negotiations the government has now agreed to increase health workers' pay by 25% from 1 October this year. This will be followed by further 25% increases over the next two years. Other measures to tackle the crisis in the sector include new statutes for doctors to differentiate them from civil servants and new rules on unofficial payments from patients. Negotiations will also continue with the Ministry of Labour in order to get wage increases for the workers in the social care system as well. [Read more at > Sanitas (RO)->http://www.federatiasanitas.ro/index_detalii.php?id=429]

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