Federations to protest over collective bargaining

On 3 December the FSC-CCOO and FSP-UGT public service federations will organise a joint protest outside the headquarters of the civil service. The unions see it as important to keep the pressure on the state administration to reinstate collective bargaining, to increase public employment and stop privatisation, to restore pay lost as a result of austerity and to re-establish possibilities for promotion and career development. [Read more at > FSC-CCOO (ES)->http://www.fsc.ccoo.es/webfsc/Inicio:918008--El_Sector_del_Estado_se_concentrara_el_3_de_diciembre_en_la_sede_de_Funcion_Publica] [And at > FSP-UGT (ES)->http://www.fspugt.es/age/2018-ugt-y-ccoo-se-concentraran-el-3-d-ante-la-sede-de-funcion-publica]

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