Unions criticise government's failure to negotiate

The FSC-CCOO and FSP-UGT trade union federations have expressed their anger and disappointment at the failure of the government to undertake real negotiations over employment in the state administration at a recent technical committee on employment. Coming only a few days before the government finalises its budget for 2016, the meeting was organised without a proper agenda or full discussion of the issues of concern for the unions. Nor were there any concrete proposals from the government to address the problems created job cuts and recruitment freezes as well as outsourcing in particular departments. [Read more at > FSC-CCOO (ES)->http://www.fsc.ccoo.es/webfsc/Inicio:890940--El_Gobierno_vuelve_a_demostrar_su_falta_de_voluntad_negociadora_respecto_al_empleo_publico] [And at > FSP-UGT (ES)->http://www.fspugt.es/age/1698-reunion-de-la-comision-tecnica-de-temporalidad-y-empleo]

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