Further social care strikes likely as arbitration is rejected

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Childcare and other social care workers hoping for a revaluation of their jobs have overwhelmingly rejected the results of arbitration. Members of ver.di voted by 69% against the arbitration outcome, with a similar majority in the GEW education union and only slightly lower (60%) in the DBB civil servants' union. Following the vote the unions met with the VKA employers' organisation which failed to come up with a revised offer. Ver.di had to correct some of the claims made by the VKA about what was on offer. Ver.di pointed out that most childcare workers, for example, would only get an extra €30 a month from the deal. The union also criticised the employers for lumping together the general pay increase for public sector workers negotiated earlier this year with the specific increases on offer in the current negotiations. With no new offer and a very high vote against the arbitration proposal, further strikes are likely with ver.di indicating that they will start up again after the summer beginning in Bavaria andv Baden-Württemburg.
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