Unions make breakthrough with agreements in social services

In the face of a very challenging environment, three unions - Sanitas, Columna and Publisind - have achieved a major victory in signing collective agreements covering workers in social services. The agreements cover a wide range of employment conditions, including wages, working time and holidays, job protection, continuous professional training as employers responsibility, consultation with the union in case of changes in the organization and much more. Pay increases are negotiated separately. Confederations recently agreed an minimum salary of 975 RON (€220) that applies to all workers in the public and private sector while social care staff are due to get an increase of 100 Ron (€23) as of 1 January 2015. [Read more at > Sanitas (RO)->http://www.federatiasanitas.ro/] [And at > Columna (RO)->http://www.federatiacolumna.ro/] [And at > Publisind (RO)->http://www.publisind.ro/]

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