Union welcomes talks on sector wage differences

Municipal workers' union Kommunal has welcomed the fact that industrial employers are willing to discuss the structure of wages in the economy and the fact that this contributes to the gender pay gap. While the employers argue that the economy needs a strong and competitive export sector, Kommunal points out that industry's competitiveness depends on an effective social infrastructure that provides education and care for the young and the elderly. Kommunal wants to challenge the idea of "women's jobs" and change a wage structure that allows those who look after people, like nurses, to be paid on average SEK 2800 (€300) less than those who look after machines. [Read more at > Kommunal (SV)->http://www.kommunal.se/Kommunal/Nyheter/2014/Kommunal-accepterar-industriparternas-inbjudan-till-dialog/#.VGHMkPnF9WU]

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