Unions secure higher pay and minimum wage in health and social services

The vida and GPA-djp trade unions have negotiated a new collective agreement for the 100000 workers in the private health and social services sector. There will be a 2.03% increase on pay and all allowances and other payments. In addition, a higher increase at the bottom of the pay scale will mean a minimum wage of €1500 for the sector. Different arrangements for different regions are also now phased out (with the exception of childcare assistants) meaning that the agreement provides uniform pay and conditions across the country. [Read more at > vida (DE)->http://www.vida.at/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=S03/Page/Index&n=S03_15.1.a&cid=1414494346291] [And at > GPA-djp (DE)->http://www.gpa-djp.at/cms/A03/A03_0.a/1414999656649/home/plus-2-03-prozent-fuer-beschaeftigte-im-privaten-sozial-und-gesundheitsbereich]

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