Unions continue pay, jobs and hours fight

Portugal Portugal
The STAL local government union is planning a series of actions in early 2015 in protest at further austerity measures and to defend the 35-hour week. The union reports that pay cuts of 2.8%-8% are foreseen for those on more than €1500 a month with those below facing a pay freeze that has lasted since 2009. Another 12000 jobs will also be cut from public administration. Public sector unions have managed to negotiated over 530 local agreements to retain the 35-hour week but the struggle is now to get these legally recognised. So far only 30 have been formally published. The union protest will begin on 6 January, with a week of action beginning 26 January and a further protest in February. Meanwhile the SINTAP union organised a strike on 4 December at the ISS social security institution in protest at the threat to nearly 700 jobs.
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