ILO report calls for strategy to boost pay

The International Labour Organisation's (ILO) annual report on wages provide important data on the recent trade of very low wage growth. The ILO is concerned not only about the impact of these trends on workers' living standards and income inequality but also on the global economy and the threat of deflation taking hold in some parts of the world. It also warns against policies that aim to reduce wages to make exports more competitive as they threaten a downward wage spiral and so would be self-defeating. Sandra Polaski, the ILO’s Deputy Director-General for Policy, argues for a comprehensive strategy that would "include minimum wage policies, strengthened collective bargaining, elimination of discrimination against vulnerable groups, as well as progressive taxation polices and adequate social protection systems.” [Read more at > ILO (EN)->] [And in Spanish at > OIT->] [And in French at > OIT->]

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