Dispute ends with pay rise for social service workers

After difficult negotiations and warning strikes services union ver.di has secured a new agreement covering the 36000 employees of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (workers' welfare) organisation in the North Rhine Westalia region. The organisation provides a range of services including running homes and day centres for children and the elderly. The agreement runs until 30 November 2016 and there will be three pay increases: 2.4% (1 January 2015), 1.7% (1 August 2015) and 1.6% (1 August 2016). There will also be lump sum payment of €275 for middle and lower paid workers. All employees will get 30 days' paid leave but ver.di members will get an additional three days up to 2016 and this was important in arriving at an agreement. Ver.di still believes that more needs to be done to improve pay and conditions to reflect increased workloads and properly compensate workers for the vital services they provide. [Read more at > ver.di (DE)->http://www.verdi.de/themen/nachrichten/++co++c3c6b086-820d-11e4-85c9-5254008a33df]

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