Disabled care agreement declared generally binding

The agreement covering workers in the disabled care sector was agreed earlier this year but has now been declared generally binding by the ministry of social affairs. This means that the agreement applies across the sector even at employers who are not signatory to the agreement. The collective agreement runs from 1 March 2014 to 1 March 2015 and includes a 1% pay increase from 1 October, a one-off payment worth 0.7% of salary in June and an increase in the year-end bonus from 6.75% of salary to 7.05%. [Read more at > NU'91 (NL)->http://www.nu91-leden.nl/cao/gehandicapten-zorg/news/CAO_Gehandicaptenzorg_2014-2015_Algemeen_Verbindend_Verklaard&id=310]

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