Union calls for action on persistent gender pay gap

The FOA public services union argues that political action is needed as part of a strategy to close the gender pay gap. The latest statistics show that the gender pay gap is still 17.4%, unchanged since 2009. In contrast, there was nearly a three percentage point narrowing of the gap between 2007 and 2009 and that is probably attributable to the action taken by several groups of workers in women dominated sectors in 2008 to secure higher pay increases. FOA would like to see government and social partners working together and setting a common target in a way that they do in Finland. [Read more at > FOA (DK)->http://www.foa.dk/Forbund/Presse?newsid={BB0F30DF-5F5C-4E96-B04B-1CF3FCBF639F}]

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