Union says it will protect employees affected by health merger

The ver.di services union says that it will aim to protect workers' jobs and pay and conditions if affected by the plans of the Fresenius Helios group to buy 43 hospitals and 15 outpatient facilities from the Rhön-Klinikum group. The merger would make the group the biggest in Germany with 117 hospitals. Without existing agreements on employment protection ver.di is concerned that the Fresenius will try to recoup some of the €3 billion cost of the merger by reducing employment costs. The union is also concerned that the monopoly position of the enlarged company will have an impact on patient care and a dominant position in relation to public or voluntary sector institutions. [Read more at > ver.di (DE)->http://www.verdi.de/themen/nachrichten/++co++2de7e092-1c5d-11e3-b0d1-5254008a33df]

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