Local government union warns of strike action

The GDG-KMSfB local and regional government union has taken a decision to authorise strike action following the refusal of the regional government in Lower Austria to negotiate over pay. The union has criticised Erwin Pröll, the regional government head, for effectively imposing a real wage cut on workers and for ignoring the 3000 demonstrators who joined a union protest back in September. The GDG says it has run out of patience waiting for a response from Pröll and is calling for fair negotiations over a reasonable pay rise for regional government employees for 2013 and 2014. [Read more at > GDG-KMSfB (DE)->http://www.gdg-kmsfb.at/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=C01B/Page/Index&n=C01_80.1.a&cid=1382522841929]

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