Pay and conditions in social care project

EPSU will be involved in new project investigating pay and conditions in the social care sector. The project, WICARE, will be similar to the earlier project WISUTIL which focused on pay and conditions in energy, waste and water. WICARE will cover 30 countries and EPSU affiliates will be asked to encourage their members in social care to complete an online survey. The survey will be on national Wage Indicator websites in national languages and the responses will be analysed by researchers at the AIAS institute at the University of Amsterdam. Researchers at CELSI, based in Bratislava, will also be involved in dealing with the survey. Further details of the project will be on the EPSU website and it will be discussed at the EPSU collective bargaining conference in December and at the social services working group in January. [WICARE information will be added to the EPSU website here->] [Information on the earlier project,WISUTIL, is available here->] [EPSU Collective Bargaining Conference->] [EPSU Social Services Working Group->]

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