Union warns against changes to working time rules

The FOA public services union is warning the government against any plans to change working time rules that regulate night work. The union is aware that many of its members are happy to work at night but that this is the result of the extra allowances they receive and time off. The government is looking to make savings of DKR 12 billion (€1.6 billion) and FOA fears that the cuts will include cutting allowances and time off for night workers as well as allowing less time in notifying rosters. The union notes that already over one in five night workers are unhappy about inadequate advance notice of their shifts. [Read more at > FOA (DK)->http://www.foa.dk/Forbund/Presse?newsid={9B96F197-5C26-43CF-A07D-1BAFD2D3C0A6}]