Union lodges claim with private care providers

The Kommunal local government union has submitted a claim for improved pay and conditions to private care providers. Around 30,000 members in eldercare, care and treatment activities and care services and surgeries are covered by three agreements that are valid until 31 October 2013. The union is looking for a SEK 1740 (€200) per month increase in line with the increase awarded in local government. It also wants to see more done to get temporary workers on permanent contracts and to ensure that all working time is paid time. The union wants to see measures to reduce the use of split shifts and to provide extra hours for part-time workers who want full-time work. [Read more at > Kommunal (SV)->http://www.kommunal.se/Kommunal/Medlem/Avtalsrorelse/Avtalsnyheter/Kommunal-kraver-tryggare-arbetsforhallanden-for-anstallda-i-privata-vardbolag/#.Uh9aj8Ut3IU]

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