Federations mobilise over attacks on workers and services

The FSC-CCOO and FSP-UGT public service federations have launched a series of actions across the public sector to highlight the impact of cuts on public sector workers and the quality of services. The first day of action focused on local government. At regional level the unions have had some success at least in Andalucia where the autonomous government has said it will suspend its planned package of cuts while it negotiates with the unions. [Read more at > FSC-CCOO (ES)->http://www.fsc.ccoo.es/webfsc/menu.do?Inicio:359953] [And at > FSP-UGT (ES)->http://www.fspugt.es/UGT_y_CCOO_convocan_.htm] [And on Andalucia at > FSC-CCOO (ES)->http://www.fsc.ccoo.es/webfsc/menu.do?Inicio:358427]

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