Union survey reveals pressures on health care workers

A regular survey by the FNV Abvakabo public service union found that 60% of workers in the health sector doubted whether they would work until retirement age because of the high mental and physical demands they face. Mental health professionals find their work particularly draining because of the heavy workloads and the nature of the job which are often made worse by concerns about job security. Pressures on night shift workers are even more acute and that’s why the union has called for more workers on shifts and action on diet and health monitoring. [Read more at > FNV Abvakabo (NL)->http://www.abvakabofnv.nl/nieuws/nieuws/zorgmedewerkers-vinden-werk-mentaal-zwaar] [And thank to www.labourstart.org for the link at > Radio Netherlands Worldwide (EN)-> http://www.rnw.nl/english/bulletin/we-wont-make-retirement-health-care-workers]

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