Union survey reveals staffing problems in childcare

A survey commissioned by the FOA public services union found that over a fifth of childcare workers said they often didn't have enough time to comfort children who are upset. The survey also showed that 41% (up from 35% in 2010) of childcare workers thought that at least once a day there were unable to provide proper care to children who are upset or those with disruptive behaviour. The FOA was pleased that the government had pledged an extra DKr 500 million (€67 million) for staffing in the sector although it wasn't convinced that this was enough to provide adequate levels of staffing for the whole sector. [Read more at > FOA (DK)->http://www.foa.dk/Forbund/Presse?newsid={7C976C4B-94D3-4519-B987-EF5BA043FA92}]

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