Collective bargaining in the public sector: ILO survey – for affiliates to follow up

In 2013 the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will have a conference debate about collective bargaining and industrial relations in the public sector. In preparation it has drafted a survey that is being sent to national governments. The focus of the survey will be on Convention 151 and Recommendation. 159 on Labour Relations in the Public Sector and Convention 154 and Recommendation 163 on collective bargaining in as far as they concern the public sector. Normally national trade union centres should receive the questionnaire from their governments, but this is not always the case and so affiliates are urged to find out from their confederation if they have received the questionnaire . Unions (and governments) should reply to the questionnaire regardless of whether their country has ratified the Conventions. [The text of the questionnaire is in the appendix of the document (EN)->] [And in French at->] [And in Spanish at->]

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