Union argues that job cuts will affect services

The FOA public services union says that the number of employees in the municipal sector fell by 21,300 between March 2010 and January 2011. The union argues that the government overestimated the impact of the crisis on the economy and didn’t need to implement a standstill budget. FOA maintains that the level and quality of services cannot be guaranteed with such a high level of staff cuts. In a separate statement it also highlighted problems in the childcare sector with childminders being required to look after too many children. [Read more at > FOA (DK)->http://www.foa.dk/Forbund/Presse?newsid={5F0B6EFB-F58D-45F9-9F16-5CAD3855CEEA}] [And at > FOA (DK)->http://www.foa.dk/Forbund/Presse?newsid={87074D98-3132-4FB0-96E6-B56D9B42548D}]

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