Unions co-ordinate action in four cities over health sector pay

Negotiations over pay for 80,000 health and social services workers in the private sector were broken off on 21 December. Union members are seriously disappointed with the employers’ latest offer of a 1.17% pay increase. The increase on some pay rates and allowances would only be 0.9% and the employers also want to abolish the 50% additional payment for working the 39th and 40th hours each week. Works council members are being co-ordinated in demonstrations taking place in four cities on 14 January before negotiations reconvene on 21 January. [Read more at > GPA-DJP (DE)->http://www.gpa-djp.at/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=GPA/Page/Index&n=GPA_0.a&cid=1261480621491] [And at > vida (DE)->http://www.vida.at/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=S03/Page/Index&n=S03_0.a&cid=1261395481705]

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