Union organises warning strikes in local and federal government

The ver.di service union has organised warning strikes to demonstrate to the local and federal government employers that workers in the sector want a reasonable pay offer. So far the employers have rejected ver.di’s demands in terms of both pay and other conditions. They are also refusing to reintroduce promotion opportunities that were suspended in 2005 at the time of the introduction of a new pay agreement. The 2005 agreement included a new pay structure but full implementation of this has not been negotiated and so the union is calling for at least the possibility of career progression. Ver.di’s overall demands in terms of pay and conditions are worth around 5%. The next round of negotiations are due to start on 10 February. [Read more at > ver.di (DE)->http://presse.verdi.de/pressemitteilungen/showNews?id=566aab36-0f36-11df-5bb0-0019b9e321cd]

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