Local government collective bargaining under way

The three main trade unions in the municipal sector have agreed common demands in the current pay round and are looking for a two-and-a-half year agreement with significant increases in pay but allowing for more agreements at local level. The overall pay demand for the 30-month agreement is around 9%. JHL, the biggest union, has also put forward a number of qualitative demands. It wants changes to the way the local government workforce is used and making the prerequisites for local agreement more equal between employees and employers. This involves issues such as providing measures to eliminate unjustified fixed-term employment relationships, improving the status of shop stewards and occupational safety delegates, and strengthening the regulations on negotiation procedures when making local agreements. [Read more at > JHL (EN)->http://www.jhl.fi/asp/system/empty.asp?P=216&VID=default&SID=929248692357122&A=open:news:item:1807&S=1&C=33821] [And at > Newsroom Finland (EN)->http://newsroom.finland.fi/stt/showarticle.asp?intNWSAID=16554&group=Business]

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