Unions set up youth network

Unions in the FNV federation have set up a youth network for members under 35. Two of the first initiatives of the network will be to train young members in negotiating improvements in working conditions and in campaigning for the right to be paid the national minimum wage at 18 years of age rather than at the current age of 23. [Read more at >FNV->http://www.fnv.nl/nieuws/renderer.do/menuId/8944/clearState/true/sf/8944/returnPage/8944/itemId/48142/realItemId/48142/pageId/6841/instanceId/8946/] [And in Dutch at >FNV->http://www.fnv.nl/nieuws/renderer.do/menuId/8886/clearState/true/sf/8886/returnPage/8886/itemId/48087/realItemId/48087/pageId/6841/instanceId/8888/]

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