Pay review finds wide range of increases

The annual review of pay developments by the EIRO industrial relations observatory found national average nominal pay increases ranging from 1.7% in France to 32.3% in Latvia in 2007. Taking account of inflation, real increases ranged from -3.5% in Slovenia to 18.3% in Latvia with inflation outstripping pay in 12 countries in 2007. The EIRO report also looks at pay increases in the civil service and indicates that the average nominal increase across the EU 27 of 6.2% in 2007 is higher than the 4.1% average recorded in 2006. The highest nominal increases for civil servants in 2007 were 42.2% in Estonia and 36.8% in Latvia while civil servants in Belgium and Poland saw no increase at all. [Read more at > EIRO (EN)->]

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