Federal government unions sign agreement for 2007-2008

At the beginning of July the three main trade unions signed a new collective agreement covering federal government workers for the period 2007-2008.The deal includes a higher end-of-year payment and an agreement in principal to work towards the introduction of a 13th month salary in future agreements. There is a particular initiative on low pay with an additional amount - €328 - added to the pay band that covers cleaning and catering staff. There are also improved allowances for workers with a second language, the first increases since 1991. [Read more at > CSC (FR)->http://csc-services-publics.csc-en-ligne.be/Images/Accord%20sectoriel%20f%C3%A9d%C3%A9ral%2009%2007_tcm90-174973.pdf] [And at > CGSP (FR)->http://www.cgsp-ministeres.be/] [And at > SLFP (FR)->http://www.slfp.eu/pdf/accent080709.pdf]

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