Unions step up minimum wage campaign

The ver.di service union and NGG food and catering union are raising the minimum wage issue in regional elections. In a campaign, vote for the minimum wage, the unions are highlighting the results of a recent opinion poll that found 81% of people in favour of a minimum wage as a response to growing child poverty. A recent government report found one in eight children in Germany at risk of poverty. The union’s campaign includes the use of container lorries with minimum wage information displays. The containers are deposited in city centres for people to visit and find out more about the issues around poverty pay and minimum wages. The container display was set up on 2 January in Lusienplatz in Wiesbaden in preparation for the regional elections in Hesse that take place on 18 January. [Read more at > ver.di (DE)->http://presse.verdi.de/pressemitteilungen/showNews?id=75f9ced0-cffb-11dd-742f-0019b9e321cd]

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