Confederations back national private sector agreement

Members of the three trade union confederations have voted by large majorities in favour of the national private sector agreement for 2009-2010. The agreement provides for the maintenance of the indexation of wages in line with price increases but on top of this workers will get up to €125 in 2009 and up to €250 in 2010. Employers will also cover more of employees’ travel-to-work costs, up from the current 60% to 75%. The agreement also includes extra help for the unemployed, a reduction in electricity bills and a government commitment to increase investment in the public services. [Read more at > FGTB (FR)->] [And at > ABVV (NL)->] [And at > ACV (NL)->] [And at > CSC (FR)->] [And at > ACLVB (NL)->] [And at > CGSLB (FR)->]

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