Unions protest over pay inequalities across the public sector

The CCOO, UGT and CSI-CSIF union federations in the public sector handed in thousands of signatures to the Ministry of Economics and Finance on 20 May demanding action over pay and career development. The unions say that there are large salary differences of as much as 40% between public servants doing similar jobs in different departments. The unions also want to see major improvements to career paths for many public servants who they say must apply for different jobs in order to get higher pay rather than being able to progress in their chosen occupation with proper training and career development. [Read more at > FSAP-CCOO (ES)->http://www.fsap.ccoo.es/webfsap/menu.do?Actualidad:Sindical:Actualidad:25795] [And at FSP-UGT (ES)->http://www.fspugt.es/index.php/mod.noticias/mem.detalle/idnoticia.4392/cat.1029]

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