Unions criticise government's public sector policies

Two public service federations are calling for action in the week beginning 13 May in protest at the government's policies on the public services, the so-called RGPP - Révision Générale des Politiques Publiques (General revisions of policies on the public sector). The CGT's UGFF section is planning a week of strikes and demonstrations while FO's FGF federation is focussing on 15 May. The unions argue that the government wants to cut services, reduce the number of public service workers and hand over more services to the private sector. The FGF points out that inflation in France has already reached 0.9% this year while public sector pay increased by only 0.5% in May. The CFDT confederation reports that prospects for social dialogue appear bleak with public service minister Hervé Morin saying there is nothing to discuss in terms of how the RGPP is to be implemented. [Read more at > FO-FGF (FR)->http://www.fo-fonctionnaires.fr/] [And at > CGT-UGFF (FR)->http://www.ugff.cgt.fr/actutext.htm] [And at > CFDT (FR)->http://www.cfdt.fr/actualite/fonctions_publiques/salaires_dialogue_social/dialogue_social_0083.htm]

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