Utilities report shows pressures on pay and conditions in waste sector

The latest issue of ver.di's Report magazine for the energy and waste sector includes two articles highlighting the massive challenges facing the union in the waste sector. A story on page 6 outlines the privatisation of the waste business of Cottbus council with the contractors Alba looking for cuts of up to 50% in pay. This follows a series of pay cuts conceded by the union in an attempt to defend jobs. The broader picture on collective bargaining at sectoral level is reviewed on page 7 with ver.di trying to negotiate a new framework agreement with the BDE employers' association. The BDE argues that only cuts in pay and conditions will ensure that employers abide by the agreement. They are looking for a 20% cut in pay and an increase in working time from 37 to 40 hours in the West and from 40 to 43 hours in the East along with a cut in annual leave from 30 to 20 days. [Read more at > ver.di (DE)->http://ver-und-entsorgung.verdi.de/publikationen/data/4209506_verent_04_07.pdf]

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