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epsucob@NEWS is EPSU’s newsletter covering developments in collective bargaining and pay and conditions in the public services across Europe. As well as general editions, EPSU also produces some special issues focusing on key topics such as minimum wages, trade union rights, pensions and economic governance. Further special issues are planned for the future. Please send us short updates on collective bargaining in your country so that we can improve the coverage of the newsletter. You can send them to

2018 March epsucob@NEWS 06

  • Spain

    Unions sign deal to restore pay and conditions

  • Germany

    Long-term struggle and warning strikes deliver pay increases

  • France

    Another massive mobilisation in elder care

  • Ireland

    Unions secure talks on low pay for new entrants

  • The Netherlands

    Negotiations start for collective agreement for ambulance staff

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2018 March epsucob@NEWS 05

  • Spain: massive support for International Women's Day strike
  • Europe: Commission blocks information and consultation agreement
  • Europe: ETUC calls for swift progress on work-life balance
  • Europe: EPSU report reveals gender pay gap trends
  • Denmark: Employers threaten lockout in reaction to strike plans
  • Austria: Boost for low paid in private health agreement
  • Norway: Unions recommend new pension scheme to members
  • Germany

    Union plans warning strikes as employers fail to make offer

  • Austria

    Boost for lower paid in health and social care deal

  • Denmark

    Employers threaten lockout in reaction to public sector strike call

  • Norway

    Unions recommend new pension scheme to members

  • Turkey

    Survey reveals realities of workers' pay and working conditions

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2018 February epsucob@NEWS 04

  • France: Further action in eldercare
  • Ireland: Progress on pay for social services workers
  • Austria: National mobilisation in private health and social care
  • Italy: Unions welcome local government agreement
  • Europe: Significant ruling on standby time
  • Germany: Unions set out demand for 6% pay rise
  • Finland: New agreement in local government
  • France/Germany: Energy workers in action
  • Germany

    Unions aim for 6% pay increase

  • France

    Unions plan further strike action in eldercare

  • Austria

    Warning strikes across private health and social care

  • Ireland

    Strike threat leads to negotiations

  • Finland

    Unions secure pay deal in municipal sector

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