National and European Administration

Austerity measures, workers' information and consultation rights, access to and quality of administrations, trust in governments, quality and diversity, well-being at work are key concerns that guide EPSU’s work in national and European administration. As representatives of workers in this sector, EPSU works hard to address these core issues through social dialogue with employers at national and European level. We are active on behalf of prison service staff, tax collectors, embassy staff, labour inspectors and many more.

EPSU is the recognized and most representative European social partner in central governments that employ more than 9 million workers and civil servants. in central government administrations. More can be read about the structure and background of the Social Dialogue Committee here. In October 2023 the NEA Standing Committee elected Karin Brunzell, ST Sweden, and Alain Parisot, UNSA France, as co-chairs of the Committee, and Federico Trastulli, UILPA Italy, as vice-chair. Nadja Salson is the EPSU Policy Officer responsible for the sector.

EPSU’s work in this sector has led a number of campaigns, most notably on tax justice and transparency. Our NEA work also incorporates advocacy and training for workers on the frontline of refugee and migrant reception services.

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