Information and consultation rights

EPSU video frame Information and Consultation Rights

The EU pillar of social rights says that ALL workers in the EU should have information and consultation rights, but the European Commission denies them to people working in public administrations. It is  #lettingworkersdown and we will not let this discrimination rest.

On 5 March, the European Commission informed the European central government social partners that it will not bring their agreement to the European Council for implementation as a directive (see pdf of letter below).

The social partners’ landmark agreement, adopted in 2015, seeks to plug a gap in EU legislation on information and consultation rights that currently excludes central government administrations.

Four months after the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, which includes the rights for all workers to information and consultation, the Commission refuses to propose EU legislation on these rights for 9.8 million employees and civil servants, despite the social partners’ request to do so (>read more)


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