Youth unemployment key concern of social partners in local government

the Dutch social partners Bert De Haas FNV and Nicolette Piekaar (VNG) present the Generation Pact, alongside Jane Lethbridge PSIRU (expert) and Mads Samsing (Chair of the EPSU LRG standing Committee)

(15 April 2016) Social partners in local and regional government discussed a number of concrete measures to support the employment of young people in the sector at a seminar organised in the framework of the social dialogue between EPSU and CEMR on 13 April. Austerity measures have led in to cuts in staff and services in many countries but at the same time there is a growing need for more and better local services to meet demographic and other societal challenges. The workforce in many local and regional governments is itself ageing. The engagement of social partners and a sustainable financing and policy framework can bring real benefits to the local and regional government sector. The 'Generation Pact' negotiated between social partners in the Netherlands was one example debated that combines these elements. Here social partners agreed to introduce possibilities for older workers to reduce working time to support the employment of young people. The Pact is backed up by concrete targets and implementation talks place at local level to adjust to specific situations.