World Water Day 2015: Right2water and workers in the spotlights

On the occasion of World Water Day (22 March) many events took place and many statements have been made. This year World Water Day was marked by recognition and appreciation of the important work that people in the water sector do to provide all citizens with clean drinking water 24/7. In the Netherlands FNV participated in a campaign “THANK YOU for tap water!” that launched a nice [video clip->]. The Global Water Operators Alliance made a [statement->] that pays tribute to the workers. PSI issued a [statement on water justice->] and UN General Secretary Ban-Ki-Moon stated that water and sanitation are the most essential needs and made a [plea for more cooperation->]. In many cities workers and citizens demonstrated in favour of the human right to water and sanitation and against privatisation or liberalisation of water services. In Brussels many activists from across Europe gathered to reiterate the demands of our ECI and to discuss the initiative of the European Parliament Environment Committee. Around the globe the struggle for the human right to water and sanitation continues in different shapes. Good news arrived from Indonesia where the court ordered to [end the privatization of water in Jakarta->] and return the operation of water distribution in Jakarta to city owned water operator. - [See more photos->] - [Event in Ireland->]
  • 23 March 2015, Brussels, in front of the European Parliament
  • 23 March 2015, Brussels, EPSU General Secretary speaking at WWD event