Workplace action for environmental protection: new ETUC handbook for trade unionists

(9 October 2012) The new handbook for shopstewards and workplace trade unionists addresses how unions are tackling energy and resource efficiency. It offers practical examples and including in public services. Examples covered include: - Use food-waste in prisons to produce electricity and solid waste to fertilise gardens - Colleagues in a hospital on a joint union-management committee conduct energy audits in the hospital - Residential care – union representatives worked to audit waste and provide training on waste management - Cleaners – reducing night shifts, work during day time, save energy and have sociable hours - Ethical and Green procurement at the work place- unions involved in what the company buys - Union reps propose double glazing and efficient heating system in social care centre - Automatic energy controls, motion sensor lights, automatic powering down of PC in a major electricity company Co-generation to power child care facilities, waste recycling in libraries, water savings and collecting rain water in office buildings: the examples of how trade union representatives can be active at the work place are many. The handbook developed by the ETUC offers guidance how to start, plan and campaign. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary chaired one of the sessions of the final [conference->] of the project to which EPSU was a partner. He commented on the importance of working across sectors, and pointed out the examples of public service trade union involvement. EPSU has been active to promote awareness of the [impact of climate change on public services->art8088] and has been stressing that the European Commission should invest in adaptation to climate change, something which was recognized by [European Commissioner Hedegaard->art8680] when speaking at the EPSU Executive Committee in April 2012. EPSU is further working with the ETUI on Beyond GDP and are together organizing the [conference 'Future of (Un-) Wellbeing' on 15 and 16 October 2012->art8685] - The ETUC Hand book is available in EN, FR, DE, NL, PO, and ES and can be downloaded at [>] - [For the ETUC press release->]