Workers protest against replacement of company headquaters Suez Electrabel Netherlands

(19 February 2007) UPDATE: Unions and works council achieve success. Company management has withdrawn the proposal to replace the head quarter of the company.

(12 February 2007) Management of the Suez subsidiary Electrabel Netherlands decided in 2006 to move the headquarters of the company to another location. It argued this would be more prestigeous and a more central location. The workers of the company headquarters in Zwolle objected to these proposals as they would impact on jobs, families and the local community. It agued that informationa and consultation procedures were not followed, and that the arguments of the company's direction were faulty. Management however pesisted. It has to negotiate a social plan with the unions, who have advised negatively on the move as well. A consultation of members by the unions concerned demonstrated an overwhelming majority to reject the plans. The works council will now proceed with a legal challenge. Workers in other parts of the company have been informed. The move comes against the backgroud of many reorganisations taking place in Suez and Electrabel and a growing nervousness on the impact on jobs of these different plans.

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