Workers' group of the European Economic and Social Committee opposed the Austerity Treaty

(27 January 2012) The Treaty being negotiated between Member States of the European Union is meeting increasing opposition. The [ETUC->] came out against the Treaty and called for a European day of action. Also the workers' group of the European Economic and Social Committee argues against the Treaty. Action should be taken to:
- the introduce euro bonds and taxation on financial transactions,
- assign a wider role to the European Central Bank to promote growth and employment,
- sign a "European pact" for growth and employment,
- establish governance giving a single voice to the euro,
- establish, beyond monetary union, a true economic social and financial union, based on the solidarity between Member States;
In its declaration the workers group recall the concerns of the European Parliament (18th January 2012) Tthe European Parliament expresses its doubts about the necessity of such an intergovernmental agreement and stresses that the only the Community method can turn the European Monetary Union into a genuine economic and budgetary Union. The workers group says that the new treaty will weaken Europe instead of redressing it and it will further undermine the public confidence in European integration;
The European Economic and Social Committee is one of the institutions of the European Union. It brings together workers, employers and third interests such as consumers. Several EPSU affiliated unions are represented in the workers' group. - Statement on the draft conclusion of an international treaty
a statement by the President of the Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee