Work programme of the European Social Dialogue in the Hospital Sector 2008-2010


(23 June 2008) EPSU and HOSPEEM agreed in the Social Dialogue Committee for the Hospital Sector on 7 December 2007 to continue their work and their joint partnership approach as developed during the period of their first work programme in 2006-2007. This work will serve as basis for further activities in the Hospital Sector Social Dialogue as presented in this work programme. The work programme will cover a period starting from the date of signature until 31 December 2010. This timing gives the Social Dialogue Committee better opportunities for planning, complete and follow up on the priorities for the period. Halfway in the period the Committee will take stock on the work in order to make eventual changes in the planned activities and priorities where appropriate.

The main priority for HOSPEEM and EPSU in the coming years is to strengthen the social dialogue in the hospital sector at European, national and local level and take up our responsibilities as the recognized social partner European organizations for employers and workers in the hospital sector.

EPSU and HOSPEEM therefore want to make, where appropriate, active use of the opportunities and possibilities to influence EU policy development as offered by the European Treaty to the social partners. This includes an active involvement in the European consultation procedures in those cases where the initiatives would have an impact on the hospital sector and its workforce, but also to develop as social partners own initiatives using the available bipartite and autonomous social dialogue instruments.

HOSPEEM and EPSU commit themselves:

  • to enhance the representativeness of their organizations in the hospital and health care sector throughout the European Union and its candidate-members.
  • to support the development and the strengthening of European, national and local social dialogue structures in relation to the hospital sector¬†
  • to promote an interactive exchange of knowledge and experience in the fields of health sector and social policies between different national social partner organizations and their representatives
  • to monitor and where appropriate react on European Commission social and health policy initiatives, which will have an impact on the hospital sector work force and organization¬†
  • to maintain an active working relationship with the relevant cross-sectoral partners and complement their work where suitable
  • to develop policies and instruments to support a social and sustainable workforce management within the hospital sector in the EU
  • to promote quality hospital services based on the shared principles as agreed in the joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Declaration on Health services of December 2007
  • to promote application of equality principles and legislation
  • to further explore how the organization of healthcare systems influence work organization in the hospital sector

In order to reach all the above mentioned goals, ESPU and HOSPEEM commit to focus in particular on the following actions:

  • Strengthening hospital and healthcare social dialogue structures, using a social partnership approach in capacity building and cooperation:
    • towards the launch of joint social dialogue projects at regional, national and/or cross-border level
    • towards encouraging and supporting national affiliates to make use of available resources for social partnership funding under the European Social Fund programme 2007-2013
  • Retention: Developing a sectoral initiative, building on ongoing cross-sectoral work on reconciliation of work and family life with a specific focus on work organisation
  • Creating specific instruments to face the challenges of an ageing work force through an ad hoc project
  • Addressing the challenges related to new skill needs by:
    • collecting and exchanging practices and experiences in the field of education and training, management of health care, and interaction between technology, ICT, skill needs and/or workforce planning and assessing the consequences of the different developments for work organization and workers, with a specific focus on education and training, skills mix and healthcare management
    • on that basis, working towards a joint initiative on the basis of the Cross-Sectoral Framework of Actions for the lifelong development of competences and qualifications in order to meet the sectoral needs
  • Developing an adequate response to the phenomenon of 3rd party violence.

HOSPEEM and EPSU do not consider this work programme to be exhaustive. The parties may thus jointly decide to up-date it in the light of relevant developments in the EU.

Brussels, 23 June 2008