Work for a European NGO and want to know your rights?

Guide FairCSOs

(6 July 2023) Here’s a guide in English, created by FairCSOs and the Belgian Unions, with the support of EPSU. The guide is meant to help you navigate the Belgian system and your basic rights. FairCSOs is a collective of EU NGO workers that aims to raise awareness of workers’ rights in the NGO sector and build collective demands, together with the Belgian Unions ACV Puls, CNE and SETCa- BBTK and EPSU, to ameliorate the working condition in the sector in Brussels.

If you have more questions, you want to get involved as a volunteer, organise an info session with your co-workers, or need help in filling your form to join a Belgian Union, you can reach out to FairCSOs, via the Facebook page, join the Facebook group, email Paola or Can at EPSU. You can also just come to the EPSU office and ask for Paola or Can every first Monday of the month, from 12.30 to 14.30.

You can download the guide here