Women's and Gender Equality Committee

13th meeting of EPSU Gender Equality Committee

(to be renamed)

11 JUNE 2008, 09h30 - 17h00

ITUH, International Trade Union House, ROOM B, 5 bld du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels

Venue and time

The meeting will take place at the International Trade Union House - Room B - Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 - 1210 Brussels. It will start at 9h30 and end at 17h00.


Interpretation has been requested as follows:
Active (you can speak and listen to): English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Passive (you can speak but not listen to): Danish, Hungarian, Norwegian and Portuguese

- Accommodation and financial assistance

A list of hotels in Brussels offering preferential tariffs to the EPSU/ETUC is also attached.
Financial assistance will apply according to the attached Rules Governing Financial Assistance in EPSU Statutory meetings.

Please fill in and return the attached participation form by 19 May at the latest.

- Meeting documents

- Minutes 5 November 2007 meeting

- Revised Minutes 12 February 2007 meeting